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Importing a Trained Dog

BritishLabradors.com has imported trained, adult Labradors and Springer Spaniels from the United Kingdom for customers from throughout North America for over 26 years. This is done on a limited basis, with between eight to twelve animals a year brought to the U.S. that meet the kennel's specifications.

An imported, trained Labrador is typically 18 months to 3 years of age. Males being easier to obtain and import than females.

These dogs are well obedience-trained, meaning they sit, stay, come and heel on command off lead. They also are trained to hand and whistle signals and in most instances have at least one season of shooting to their credit.

Customers for these dogs typically fall into one of four categories:

1) The customer requires a fully trained dog to replace a hunting companion that has died.

2) The customer has no interest in raising a puppy.

3) The customer has seen or hunted over one of the kennel's imported dogs and wants to replicate that animal's disciplined disposition in the field.

4) The customer always has aspired to owning a trained dog and finally elects to realize that aspiration.

The process of importing a trained dog begins with a very specific delineation of the customer's needs, expectations, lifestyle and hunting methods. Next a conference call is completed, with Dennis Anderson of BritishLabradors.com, the prospective customer and the kennel's agent in United Kingdom joining in. Expectations and requirements are again discussed in detail.

The process of finding a dog or bitch in United Kingdom then begins. The process can take one or two months or longer, depending on the animal required.

A similar time frame applies to imported Springers.

In nearly all instances, imported dogs are shipped from United Kingdom to BritishLabradors.com, with Minneapolis-St. Paul being the destination airport.

The dogs, which are required to meet rigorous veterinary examinations prior to leaving United Kingdom, are upon arrival examined again by a veterinarian and given time to acclimate. Then they are shipped to, or picked up by, the customer.

Cost of imported animals varies, but usually is considered a value by customers.

Customers interested in importing a Labrador or Springer should phone or email the kennel for cost estimates and a list of references of gentlemen that have purchased fully-trained imported dogs from us.


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