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British Retriever Training
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: What information do subscribing members have access to ?

A: Subscribers receive two important benefits.

One is a course of 30 lessons for owners of retrievers who want to learn how to teach their Labs, Chessies, flat coats or other sporting breeds how to be steady and quiet in the field — yet excellent game finders.

This educational course is unique, in that it is internet-based — and unique also because for the first time it will teach American retriever owners the secrets and methods that have long been used in the United Kingdom to train their retrievers.

Additionally, subscribers will have access to 75+ newsletters written by Dennis Anderson, who with his wife, Janice, owns — a kennel that has been importing and breeding British Labradors for nearly 26 years.

Q: I just bought a retriever puppy. How would the British Retriever Training subscription help me develop the dog into the hunting companion I want?

A: In many ways.

First, it’s important to know that, while there are many differences between American and British Labs and other retrievers, equally important to producing the kind of dog most hunters want is an understanding of the training techniques used in the U.K. — techniques that accentuate equally civility and game finding ability.

The result is a dog that is a joy to live with and hunt over.

Q: You mean even if I buy a British Labrador I’m not necessarily guaranteed to achieve my goal of owning, in time, a good game finder who is also easy to live with?

A: That’s correct —a dog’s genetics will help achieve that goal, but they alone won’t guarantee such an outcome.

In fact, it is this exact point that Dennis and Janice Anderson have spent so much time attempting, first, to understand over the past two decades, then define and, finally, apply.

As part of that learning process, they have many times taken puppies from their British Labrador matings and given them to American owners with completely different credentials and interests as trainers.

Some were simply family people who wanted good dogs to have around their homes, but who only occasionally hunted.

Others were hard-charging young guys who wanted to make up a Master Hunter within only a few years.

Still others were professionals who trained with electric collars.

From these experiences the Andersons have learned that, while retrieving dogs can be trained in many different ways, to achieve outcomes that are most similar to those achieved by the U.K’s best trainers, certain methods and principles should be followed.

To understand these methods and principles still better, the Andersons have frequently traveled to the U.K. to observe trainers at work. Similarly, they frequently have hosted some of Britain’s best trainers at their home and kennel.

Each of these occasions has helped the Andersons understand the training methods used most successfully in the U.K.

Each also has contributed to the unique training program the Andersons have developed — an internet-based training program that is both unique and important.

Q: Why is the training program important?

A: Because while it is intended for owners of British Labradors — whose numbers are increasing in the U.S. — it is especially designed for the far greater number of people in North America and indeed around the world who own the much more physical and hyper-active retriever that is more the norm in the U.S.

It is these dogs and their owners who can especially benefit from the British training methods that the Andersons have discerned over many years, modified for use by Americans and now developed into a unique training package.

Q: How do paying subscribers receive their lessons?

A: Easy.

Once they’ve registered, they gain access to the portion of the site where the training lessons are stored. Available are 30 lessons for the dog’s eighth week through his 26 week, and monthly lessons thereafter until the dog reaches its first birthday.

Each lesson is copyrighted and can’t be duplicated in any form, including electronically. But the lessons will be presented in PDF format, and can be printed from a subscriber’s computer for his or her easy reference at home.

Q: What is the price of an on-line subscription?

A: Not much, considering the costs nowadays associated with dog care and dog training.

For example, a typical visit to a veterinarian often runs $100 or more. Dog food can be $50 for 40 pounds. And many professionals charge $600 a month or more for training.

Given those comparisons, the $49.95  price for British Retriever Training information seems a bargain.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: To sign up, simply click here and follow the easy instructions.

To check out a sample lesson in the training course, click here.

And for a sample newsletter, click here.
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