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BritishLabradors.com is a relatively small boutique breeding operation designed with the dog's health, well-being, and happiness in mind. We have 14 acres surrounded by invisible fence in the scenic St. Croix River Valley of Wisconsin bordering Minnesota and just 30 minutes from St. Paul, Minnesota. Our facilities and grounds represent our philosophy for living a good life; peace, quiet, tranquility, natural beauty and plenty of room to roam and play. Our property includes fields, pastures, and a beautiful forest of sugar maple trees where deer, turkeys, rabbits, and other wildlife abound.

Our kennels and nursery are clean, spacious, heated, and air conditioned. We play soft classical music indoors to soothe the puppies and dogs. Each adult dog has a kuranda dog bed in addition to an orthopedic pad for joint comfort. We also rotate our adult dogs into special areas of our home for one-on-one family socialization.

Our puppy nursery, a facility separate from the adult dog facility, is brightly lit by natural light, temperature controlled heated and air conditioned, and has ample play area indoors for winter litters. During good weather the puppies can spend time in spacious, outdoor kennels softly bedded with pine shavings under shade trees allowing for fresh air and stimulation of the great outdoors. The pups are provided with numerous toys for teething, playing, and retrieving.

In addition to field training sessions, our adult dogs are free-exercised together 4 times per day on supervised walks through our fields and woods. Socialization in a canine pack is critical to a dog's development, mental health, and happiness. Our dogs enjoy a great deal of socializing and interacting with each other during these play periods.

Puppies receive daily socialization/play sessions which are critical to the puppies' development and to the selection process of a puppy to an owner as explained on our web page
Selecting a Puppy.

Our business management plan takes into consideration that each of our breeding dogs deserve a family and a home, thus all of our breeding females and some of our sires that we import from the United Kingdom are placed in homes among clients from the Mpls/St. Paul metro area. In this way the dogs have a family who loves them, hunts them, and does justice to them as a pet and hunting companion. The females return to us during their heat cycles and again when they are due to whelp until weaned from the puppies. In addition to our sires at our kennel, we also use FTCH sires in the United Kingdom. Often, when we purchase a breeding female from the U.K., we may leave her in the U.K. until she comes into heat, breed her to a FTCH sire in the U.K., and then import her pregnant to our kennel. We also have frozen semen of some of our best foundation stock sires that are retired or deceased. During any visit to our kennel there will typically be less than 6 - 10 adult dogs at any given time on our property, in addition to one or more litters of puppies.


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