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February 3, 2019  Killen's Duchess x Minstead Delvin 2017/06/09 Yellow Female age 18 months

Whitney and Jan
Our yellow female, Purdey, is now 18 months old and finishing up her first full bird season. To say that we’re pleased with her would be an understatement!

Just in the past 4 weeks she’s retrieved 122 doves and 23 ducks under all kinds of conditions. She is the smartest lab of the 4 we’ve owned over the last 35 years- and the sweetest. At 55 lbs, she is exactly the size I wanted. We see over 200 labs in our vet practice and Purdey is the best looking , according to my partners- (of course she is to me!!) I’m looking forward to some wild quail in a few weeks.
Thanks again to you both!
John Clader, DVM

October 9, 2017  St. Croix Lumber Jacki x Minstead Delvin 2016/01/05 Black Male age 1 year

Dear Mrs Janice

I hope this email finds you well!
Wanted to write and thank you for what you do.
Cole (Jacki x Del) has brought a ton of joy to our home and of course, has been an amazing hunting companion for me and my son. He has an amazing personality, has shown steadiness and a highly developed retrieving instinct.

He has been in training for several months now @ The Retriever Academy and has gained a lot, this last weekend, he completed his first field test and did pretty good.

Attached a few pictures of this last year season and this weekend outcome.

Thank you again for everything.

God bless,

Arturo Towns
Springdale, AR


September 10, 2017
  1 year old Queensland Sam x Minstead Delvin "Del" 2016/05/24 Yellow Male
It has been a couple weeks since your big Game Fair with BritishLabs.com and River Stone.  I wanted to share a quick update and THANK YOU.
Since I saw you in early June, Murphy has come home to Texas (Aug 23) and is doing great.  It was really nice to meet you @ River Stone.  It was very nice for you to make the time to say "Hello".  I am sure you have a 1,000 different priorities, so I am grateful you took the time.
Murphy has been home for about 3 weeks now.  What a pleasure to have him home with Jackie, Ace and I.  I get Murphy out with Ace every morning and depending on the temperature we are out for a great 10-20 minute walk.  I put their e-collars on and we run around a park that is at the end of our street.  Murphy's obedience and training has really paid off.  Murphy's attention is great and I have him healing, walking, sitting with me even if Ace is running around free.  I think this will be helpful when we start hunting (Pheasants at Grand Slam in Kimball SD) to avoid training an incorrect assumption that Murphy can run off as far and as long as he likes especially if there are other dogs around. 
I also take special time with Murphy just by himself to reduce distractions.  I have been working on a training cycle of obedience, retrieving (bumpers thrown, and launched to "shot") and ending with some more obedience.  Murphy runs like a rocket and returns with enthusiasm and pride to "place".  He will patiently "hold" his bumper and this is a great time to praise and rub on him as he settles down. He then graciously "drops" the bumper in hand at request.
All this brilliance is his natural ability and the great work that Josh and Team @ River Stone have done.  So, I couldn't be more pleased to have Murphy (Son of Del & Annie), I couldn't be happier that in one of her 1st litters Whitney selected "Murphy" for Jackie and I, and that I decided to train Murphy at River Stone and invest ~ 5mos with him at camp!  
You have an amazing legacy with BritishLabradors and I couldn't be happier with your successors.  Thank you!  I plan on working with Josh as he will meet us at Grand Slam for a day or two when we are there  Oct 22 - 24.  Murphy is a special dog who is already showing passion and discipline from his great breed stock and training.
We look forward to many hunts and many more belly rubs with Murphy.  Thank you, Thank you.
Todd & Jackie Gibson
Dallas, Texas 

August 19, 2017  6 year old Bombay Palace "Brooke" x FTCH Blackfoot Scout of Minstead 2011/07/19 Fox Red Female
Dennis, Jan,
Here is Wrigley today.  6 years old and wonderful as ever.  She is reflected on your website sitting on her green picnic table that she and the boys have now long out grew.
Loved by her family and everyone she meets, she continues to impress us with her intuition, her wit (yes, she is hilarious!) and her uncanny ability to be a wonderful companion and family dog.  We certainly don't hunt the amount we used to, but that is still a function of mine and the family schedule and not her.  She drops into 'hunting' mode without missing a beat.
Wrigley, my wife, the boys and I wish the both of you the best of luck and sincerest wishes on your new adventure.Thank you again for a wonderful dog.  Your shoes will be hard to fill.
:) Mike Maceroni

January 6, 2017 8 year old Saxifrage Willow "Bonnie" x Stockiemuir Ben 2008/06/05 Black Female
Hi Jan, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Chloe (black female).  She has been a joy to own both as a family pet and hunting companion.  In the house she is calm and gentle but in the field she is a pheasant hunting machine!  Chloe was a pleasure to train and is always willing to please.  She is almost 9 years old and is still going strong.  This past fall she had great energy and stamina in the field (more than dogs much younger than she is).  Her nose for birds is phenomenal and she has made some unbelievable retrieves in her hunting career.  Also I want to add that she has never had any health issues and has always been extremely athletic and stylish.  I want another one just like her and have put in a deposit for another black female.  Thanks for your dedication to breeding such outstanding gun dogs.
Bill Greer 

November 30, 2016
1 year old Haggisbank Brook of Queensland x Minstead Delvin  2015/08/16 Black Male

 Just had to send you a couple pictures of Hank from last week.  He would be about 15 months old now (Brook x Del).  He keeps getting more muscular and athletic.  I ran him for 4 days pheasant hunting last week and couldn’t tire him out.  He did great duck hunting in October too.  

 When we’re in the field, he is so focused he will disregard if you try to pet him.  Can’t get him to do a good pose with birds in the field because he is looking for more.  All business, but he’s a clown around the house.

 Super happy with how he’s turning out.  Plan on running some AKC hunt tests for fun next Spring.  A little more work on blind retrieves and I think we can get through Senior tests….the rest may be a limitation on me more than Hank…..


 Corey Wirtz

November 15, 2015
1 1/2 year old Cynhinfa Kemberley "Ruby" x MInstead Delvin "Del" 2014/05/13 Black Female
Trained by Josh Miller of River Stone Kennels
Jan, Josh and Whitney: I just wanted to let you guys know what a great fall hunting season I had with Mickie (RubyXDel).  She learned to stay steady in the boat for duck hunting, though we still need to work on that!  When a big wounded goose started to beat on her when Mickie was swimming in it with it, I thought that would ruin her for geese, it was only about her 4th retrieve.  But not a problem, she later retrieved waterfowl that were still lively without problem.  She learned hand signals quickly and impressed the group I hunt with!  Pheasant hunting was really a treat.  She showed great bird finding ability with an obviously very good nose.  She probably retrieved 25 or more birds for our group.  Around the house she is just a sweetheart.  Affectionate but not demanding, takes correction very well and just a joy to be around.  Thanks for helping me get such an excellent dog!  I can definitely recommend all of your services and really appreciate your help in picking a great pup and training her up.

1 1/2 year old Cabela May Springer x Conneywarren Jason 2014/06/10 Black Male
Hi Janice,
I am writing to give you an update on Black Gumbo Roux (Gumbo) - Cabela x Jason. We purchased Gumbo to be my hunting dog and family pet as were the other two dogs we purchased from your kennel over the years. Again, we are very pleased. Gumbo was too young to hunt last season so we worked on obedience and basic field work. I am fortunate to live around the corner from a trainer that offers obedience classes and other field training clinics which Gumbo and I attended. This is Gumbo's rookie hunting season and he is already doing great. He is a fast learner and was so easy to train. Gumbo is calm and quiet in the field until it is go time. He is highly motivated in his retrieves but is steady to the shot and delivers to hand every time. He is truly a gentleman's retriever. I get invitations to hunt and they ask if I can bring my dog. Gumbo is a great family pet with quite the personality. He may be getting a little spoiled around the house but that's OK with us. Keep up the good work.
Best Regards,
Craig Waltjer, Susan Waltjer, DVM  

October 15, 2015 Ballagan Siskin x Millbuie Brook 2008/04/04 Yellow Male
Hi Janice, 

 Cody has been wonderful, he’s so calm and laid back which is probably the single most comment I get from people.  Yet when we go to work he’s all business!  Have never used a shock collar like my hunting partners or even a leash when I’m in the blind as he’ll sit next to me or where I ask him to.  I’m by no means a good trainer, in fact this is my first hunting dog but he will take hand signals from me and has an unbelievable nose!  Just need to get him in the general area.    Very pleased with our choice!   Here are a few pics of him over the last few years.  I can see a lot of Brook in him as he’s getting older now!

 I’ll get back to you on the reserve list. 


Brian J. Schmitz – Agency Manager

CRW Insurance & Financial Services

July 29, 2015


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with Nigel (Swift x Ally, 1/16/13). He is everything that you say you breed for. His temperament can't be beat. He is calm, quiet and super obedient. I can take him everywhere with me; to the office, fly fishing in a canoe, or to a wedding. People can't believe how calm and obedient he is at such a young age. He is extremely biddable and a joy to train. I have trained him alone with British training principles, without e-collar or force training. He is so eager to please. When hunting, training or competing he is calm and steady, but he retrieves with speed and enthusiasm. His blind manners are perfect, whether hunting in a group with many hunters and dogs, or jump shooting from a canoe.  While his first love is hunting, Nigel has also been a star in the hunt tests. He has gone a perfect 10 for 10 in senior and master hunt tests. He is a great marker, very honest on water, and handles very well.  He earned his Master Hunter title this past weekend at just 2 years old. He is 65 lbs of muscle with a beautiful coat and he is very handsome, as I'm sure all your dogs are. He may be typical of the dogs you produce, but he is an amazing to me. He is a perfect canine best friend. Thank you for this wonderful dog. 
John Pyne
MH Benloch's Nigel :AKC Master Hunter 2 years old

January 3, 2015

Just thought I’d send an update on two dogs we obtained from BritishLabradors.com. One year ago today Keck (black lab in pictures) was whelped.  He has been a fantastic addition to our family.  As you know, our son Kelly & I obtained  Keck for my wife, Kay.  She has been thrilled to have him from day one.  He has been a wonderful companion for both my wife and me.  He is smart as a whip.  His first 9 months was spent learning basic obedience and additional commands related to confidence course work.  He took to the confidence course like a champ and has a blast working a course of a local trainer here in town.  He has done so well that the trainer likes to use us as an example during his Sat morning sessions.  We have a great time and his reward is playtime in a great big bath tub on the property.  He loves water and balls, a typical lab.  These last three months we have started working on retrieving and he is doing great.  He waits at heel,  although not patiently, till released to to retrieve.  Once obtaining the the  ball or dummy he comes straight back.  He does not want to put the dummy in my hand yet, although he is getting better at it.  We have started him on whistle training and he is doing well.  He will heel, come, down, and wait with the whistle.  Still working on getting him follow directions to search left or right.  But, he will get it.  He will stop in mid retrieve to voice and whistle and turn around to watch for commands.  He will also stop in mid return to voice and whistle and wait for commands.  He is truly a joy to work with and be around!  Kay is an avid runner and has waited patiently for her opportunity to have a running companion.  About 3 weeks ago, she took him for his first run of 3 miles.  She was thrilled!  He did great!  He stayed right with her, did not pull her and did not go off to investigate all manner of smells.  I think his year of daily walks really did pay off.  We started with short distances and worked up to 2.5 miles over the year.  We give him a quarter to half mile to do his business and explore, then we go to work with the walk or training.  My wife is absolutely thrilled.  She has been waiting a long time for this and now he is so good.  She is very proud of him and relishes the compliments of other runners on how well he is behaved and what a beautiful dog he is.  

I have made a number of trips to Texas to visit my son and his Lab.  Keck is a great traveler.  I click him into his safety harness in the back seat of the truck and he settles right in.  He is a blast to travel with.  He is well behaved and gets numerous compliments on his behavior.  He gets along with Kelly’s lab, Kimball (from British Labs, whelped 12/3/2012) very well.  They are inseparable when they get together.  It is fun to watch, where Kimball goes, Keck goes.  The play very well together.  If you didn’t know better, you would think they were litter mates.  

I have attached a couple of pictures of both the dogs.  Kimball is the Golden.  He gets many compliments on how soft and beautiful his coat is.  

Once again, thank you for two wonderful dogs.  They have been a fantastic addition to our family and lives.  Kelly and Kimball are inseparable and a sight to watch.  There is no doubt the impact Kimball has had on Kelly’s life.  He has been a true companion and helped him get through a number of difficult times.

I know Kent Keckeisen, my wife’s brother,  has obtained a dog from you and has another on order.   We are planning a get together this summer, in MN, and plan to have all the dogs together.  Planning on some hunting training for all the dogs and just watching the dogs enjoy open fields and lakes.  Plan on sending you some pictures of the dogs enjoying themselves.

Best of Luck to you and your family and Happy New Year.  
Jim O'Brien

January 3, 2015
Hi Janice,
It's been some time since I've sent any news about our dogs.  They both are wonderful dogs!  Bob's dog Kade, is an outstanding hunting dog.  She has made many trips out west for both upland and waterfowl.  They just finished up international duck hunting this weekend in Canada. As always a great season!
Last year I continued my dog Elle's Hunt testing.  We graduated to Senior level and passed in four consecutive tests! I have been very fortunate to work with good people and have learned a great deal.  We have competed in both AKC and HRC.  We are going to continue to train for the Master Level.  Not so sure we will test much due to time and travel.   We did not make any duck hunts this year, but went several times last fall.  We did a lot of upland hunting this fall, which she likes just as much as hunt testing! 
Janice, these are truly wonderful companions.  Thank-you so much for setting us up with great dogs. I have included some pictures of Elle for you to enjoy!
Bob and I would like to plan a trip to observe IGL Tests.  We are thinking 2016, would you have any information that might help us out? 

Hope to hear from you.  Happy New Year!
Tracy Selby

January 2, 2015


Thanks for sending the Volhard test and results.

"Tillie", Queenland's Tyhee Tillie (Ruby X Del) is exceeding my expectations. Each time I have had to start a new dog I wonder if they will measure up to the one I am replacing (Rosie-Bet Chloe x Jason). She was such a nice dog and Tillie has a lot promise.

Tillie was bold from the minute she emerged from the crate at the airport, running at a lawn sprinkler. Never following on our hikes, introduced herself to water in a cut down kiddie pool in the back yard. Arrived during 4th of July commotion and was not distressed by neighborhood fireworks.

She is athletic and looks like GWH pointer traveling through sagebrush and downfall-you predicted she would be athletic.

Tillie was snap to house break, one accident. She is calm in the house and in her crate, quiet and clean in outdoor dog run. No barking. However, she did come with the usual puppy characteristics such as digging and chewing.

Now that we have started formal retriever training I find that she is steady and marks well for as little as we have done, she is persistent and delivers to hand-almost always-fast learner.

Tillie loves people almost to a fault and just a pleasure to have around.

Thanks for a great pup!
Dave Klatt


Hi Jan and Denny,

I thought I'd drop a note regarding my favorite red dog.   I've had Poppy for 2 years and 2 full hunting seasons now and I couldn't be happier with her as a hunting partner and house mate.  She is the first finished dog I've bought and it was a very cool experience to go into the field for the first time with a new dog that knew more about hunting than I did.  Our adjustment period lasted until I dropped the first duck for her.  After that we've been totally in sync.

Our first trip this year was for the duck opener in North Dakota.  We shot a lot of mallards and redheads and Poppy performed very well.  We jump potholes up there so there's quite a variety of work for her, some dry land retrieves, plenty of open water work and lots of birds in the cattails.  She's very attentive and persistent and takes direction well both in the water and on land.  In the cattails she's pretty much left to her own devices since I can't see her but with a decent mark to start with, she's been very successful.  Our group has 3 good dogs on that trip and we don't leave many birds behind.

The pheasant opener in South Dakota was also good this year.  It's a big gang in the corn for that hunt and there is a lot of work for her.  It gets a bit confusing out there with all those guys and dogs but she has a lot more patience than I do.  A couple of times a day she'll come to me out of the corn with a bird that I didn't shoot and others are still looking for.  She has reputation for finding birds with that crowd.  That trip is hard on the dogs with all the barb wire and heavy cover but Pop's size and brains really serve us well.  She's smart about the wire and I think her smaller size keeps her below a lot of the wear and tear from the corn and weeds.

She's a great companion and I think I'm starting to come up to her standards.

Thanks again for putting me with Poppy.


Mac Letter 12/10/12

Janice & Dennis:

Wanted to provide an update on “Mac” (Doc x Maddy 10/11) for you and let you know how pleased I am with him. Mac is having a fantastic first year in the field, hunting ducks and pheasants across three states for 16 days already as I write this in early December. My goal is to get him 20 days this season. He has already retrieved over 75 birds in his rookie season.

Mac has proven to be easy to train, and we have accomplished all our first year training goals. He is taking whistle and hand signals and my hunting partners have been impressed with him. He has all the characteristics you claim for your dogs – calm, quiet and strong natural retrieving instinct. He has plenty of “go” when it is time to perform, but settles down with good manners when waiting his turn in the blind. He is well mannered and patient in the house and a great companion.

I have had 5 Labradors during my life, and Mac is the 3rd Lab I have had as an adult and trained myself for hunting. Mac has the best conformation and temperament of all the dogs I have had. I look forward to continuing to work with him to polish his hunting skills and having a great dog  as a hunting partner for years to come.

Thank you for a great dog.

Steve Kehrwald
Ft. Collins, CO


July 16, 2013
Jan - just a quick note on the progress of our Pup. Galileo Shooting Star (Star for Short). Brook x Mick. She has been a joy since the Easter Bunny flew her out to California. Her personality matched the temperament testing results you provided to a tee! I am very much astounded as to her bidability. Star is now 5 months old and we have trained every day for 15 min and 30 min on weekends. Star is well on her to mastering all aspects of obedience and hunting training. She has advanced through sit, stay,here, heal, extended stay, whistle commands, single, double and blind retrieve, water work and to the shotgun. In my view all the things you point out about your British Labs ARE TRUE and somewhat understated.

Star will be fixed and chipped on the 26th of July. Her health looks and everything about her are simply the best. You and Dennis have every right to be extremely proud of every thing you have worked so hard for with your Labs.

I have no doubt that Star will be more than ready for Dove hunting on Sept. 1st and Ducks on Oct 20th.

As you know I put together a training plan way ahead of time. I used all the information provided by you and blended it together with other training that I studied. Star is the 1st dog that I have ever trained solely on my own. The outcome thus far has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the WELL BREAD Pups you produce. Again breeding is EVERYTHING!  Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
John Staats
Key Industrial
Napa, CA 94558

Feb 10, 2014
Jan - well today is Star's 1st birthday!!!!! We completed her 1st year of duck Hunting on Jan 26th. Star retrieved 199 Ducks before her 1st B-day! BEST DOG EVER! If I knew what joy she was going to be before I got her, you could sold her for a Million $$$. Thank you and Dennis so very much for all that you do. I'll send you some pictures under an additional cover.

Best regards,
John Staats

9 months 19 days
First Bull Sprig
John Staats


I wanted to send you an update on Korra (Pup from Callie and Tweed).  She is absolutely incredible.  Being 1 year and 5 months I have just began hunting her.  She has done one waterfowl hunt and one upland game hunt.  Her performance has been outstanding.  On the waterfowl hunt there were 4 birds that were lost on the other side of the pond we were hunting.  When we finished Korra and I headed over to see if we could find them.  I commanded her to "hunt dead" and her nose took over.  She found and retrieved all 4 back to me.  The guy I was with could not believe she found them.

On Monday I took her on her first pheasant hunt.  I went out with little to no expectation.  I used it as a learning experience and whatever happened, happened.  Well, I was blown away.  She picked up on the "game" very fast and flushed all birds and retrieved every bird.  She looked like she had been hunting Pheasants for years. Even the one that was wounded and Korra ran it down.  All said and done, she chased it for over 300 yards and brought the live birds back.  The guide could not believe this was her first upland hunt, let alone only her second hunt (Picture below).

I am so proud of her and am overjoyed I have such a great hunting partner!  She is an incredible family pet, friend, and hunting partner.

Please let me know if you me to write a reference for your webpage or need me as a reference for any of your potential customers.  Korra is our second British Lab we have owned and will continue to get my dogs from you.

I can't say Thank you enough!

John Kapral

Our little goofball never ceases to amaze us. Hunting like a demon one moment, curled up in the bed seeking cuddles the next. Yesterday later afternoon hunt Mark, a good friend, and guide Brad Smythe observed what Smythe called the retrieve of a lifetime, saying you will hunt the rest of your life and never see this kind of retrieve again. Smyth has guided for years 2X per day everday of the season except Christmas Day.

Hunting on big open water, heavy overcast, light rain, lots of wave action, northwind about 15mph, duck very high, shot, winged, dropped 250 yds from blind. Jock took line and made constant adjustment for current and wind. Got within 20 yds of bird, bird takes flight and gets off another 50 yds Jock approaches, the bird dives and hangs below surface. Jock has to dive for the bird, grabs and does the come back 300 yds. into the wind. Never even thought about giving up. Family friend, surgeon and life time hunter and dog handler, who observed the retrieve said Jock is the best he has hunted over in his entire life. Unbelieveable.

We love him so much! Thanks to you, Red Lucy and Mr. Brook for producing such an incredible hunter and companion.

Hi Jan,

Happy New Year!
I am attaching a picture of Savvy with a few of the pheasants she retrieved this past Wednesday. These are all wild birds and were hunted near where we live in some great habitat that has not been hunted this season.

You told me when I picked her up from your home she woul d be a machine when I flipped the hunt switch and you were exactly right. I need to continue training but want you to know I had only taken 4 pen raised pheasants with her prior to South Dakota for their October opener. The mon ths of obedience training prior to any live bird work was more than well worth the time.

Now, after about 30+ of 90 days in the fields of South Dakota and Nebraska she performs like a very seasoned dog.

We love her and she is with my wife a nd me a lot when I am not hunting and a good kennel dog but better yet a good house dog.

Thanks for all your help and advice.

Stay well and have a prosperous New Year.


Back from yet another great Sask Mallard outting. Jettt and I went late October after the goose hunters had their fill and had the whole country to ourselves. Taking 24 drakes was a vacation. A number of the birds passed the 4-lb mark—weighed on a postal scale. No doubt you get tired of all the great reviews but I can't resist yet another.

The most under rated quality is that your Brit labs never leave a tooth mark. Never ever. Ducks, pheasants, grouse; even the hen pheasants that are caught have not a feather out of place: SOFT MOUTH! I love it.

Also, I see that we have yet another Anderson lab at Federal Cartridge just in time for Christmas. I believe that makes eleven and counting. Have a great and blessed new year.

Joel Sandstrom
Principal Chemist
Federal Cartridge Company

Jan, Dennis,

Good Morning! I hope this note finds you well. I thought you would enjoy a quick update and this picture of Wrigley on ‘her’ picnic table.

She is doing fantastic!!

She is virtually completely house broken and has been for the last 3-4 weeks. It took all of 5 days for her to figure out the basics and maybe another week or 2 to get it down pat. Knock on wood, but I could use my hands and have fingers left over counting the times she didn’t make it out the door to ‘go’.

She has been sleeping through the night since her 3rd night home and has had zero accidents in her crate.

She clearly knows her name and call to come and sit.

It’s isn’t perfect, but comparatively speaking as she is only 13 weeks old, we are impressed with her capability to learn so quickly.

We are working on her leash behavior and it coming along great.

Her demeanor is phenomenal (outside of being the proverbial puppy and liking to lick and chew)

She is submissive without being cowardly (We get SO many compliments on this trait!) She is socially adept beyond her age with other dogs.

We’ll keep you posted!
Thanks again and nice job.


Just a quick note to tell you that my family and I are *overjoyed* with "Willow" ...

Willow is more than everything you described ... Loving, gentle, confident, calm, and a hunting dog that is very special ... It's almost like she is two different dogs ... A calm devoted "lover" to family and friends and the very special hunting dog that is just off the charts in intelligence and desire ...

One of my most memorable hunting trips with Willow is not necessarily about one of her fabulous Ruffed Grouse retrieves, but rather when she found my friend's lost camera pack while hunting ruffed grouse in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. "Doug" lost his camera pack 4 days earlier in some very *thick* cover while we were hunting one of our favorite coverts (4 sq. miles) ... Well the last day of the hunt with about an hour of remaining light, Willow "checked in" with Doug's camera pack in her mouth ... Note the attached picture of Doug greeting Willow in disbelief (pic 1393) ...

I can't say enough about this dog ... My family and I are very grateful. Thank you!

Having said the above, when will you stop breeding Kerry and Brook?

Kind regards,


I wanted to start some dialogue with you about the plans for Miss Molly over the next couple of years. We have her full sister, Belle, and we could not love this dog more, she is everything you told me she would be and more. We definitely want to be on your list to get a puppy from Miss Molly before you stop breeding her. Belle is doing awesome and will be 4 in March but I would love to have another puppy from the same bloodlines as much as we can if possible.

When you get a chance let me know your thoughts,

Darin, Cindy and Kyza Millar

Hi Janice,

Quote from Jodi: “I just wanted to send a recent pic of Togo (now 8 months old). She assisted me in finding a doe last week in WI. The blood-trail was short and not very challenging (I was fortunate to make a good shot), but it was still fun to see Togo charge through the deep snow and follow her nose to the fallen doe.”

British Labs are the best!
Dave Maas
Managing Editor, North American Hunter magazine


Back from great Saskatchewan mallard outing. Twenty-three drakes / one hen. All field-fed large birds. All but one were water retrieves by Jettt (Jet of Double J x Sir Sage). Jettt is a 70 lb. otter. The retrieves were often long, and required navigation over floating logs and brush in flooded waters. Pictured are drakes #22, #23, #24 with the old SxS Winchester. A classic hunt

At three years old, Jett has become the perfect hunting partner. Also everyone thinks Jett is the best looking lab they have ever seen!

Joel Sandstrom

Thought you might enjoy this photo from this past Saturday night. Togo the yellow Lab was in on her first real blood-trail and did an excellent job in helping to find this buck. Distance from arrow (total pass through) to dead deer was about 150 yards, and it had poured rain before we took up the search. The buck was shot at 6:15 p.m. and we began trailing him at 7:45 p.m.

Jodi Bjerke

Hello Jan--

Our Hank is nearly two years old now. He has been hunting waterfowl and upland game with me since he was about 10 months old. I have attached a picture of Hank taken on a cold, foggy day in the California marshes. When retrieving, he is focused and intense, yet he is calm and quiet when waiting along side me for the next duck to come in range. He is at least as good as I am at spotting incoming birds and he knows the difference between shorebirds, coots and ducks. I am very happy with my buddy Hank.

Gary Bray

Janice, Stella is a lovely dog. She is very eager to please, learns very quickly, and she is very very gentle. She has the softest mouth I have ever seen on a dog. She has always been great with kids, and she is nice to have in the house. She is quiet, like Java was. She is playful with other dogs.

I had to take her duck hunting, solo, at age 6 months because we lost Java, our other dog, to a car accident. My dad and I surprised a large flock of ducks in a small bend in a river. We unloaded our guns and thought we maybe dropped 6 or 7 ducks. Stella picked up TEN!

A month later a friend invited me to a pheasant hunt. Stella had never trained on flushing or pheasants, but once she got the idea (one bird up, one down) she didn't want to quit. I just followed her that day and did not call her off when she got on scent. She flushed and retrieved as many birds as any of the more experienced dogs there. Since then she has learned more discipline, but has not lost any of her drive. She hunts close in the field, with her nose down, and sits quietly in the blind, where she watches the sky for birds. I am not exaggerating. I can't wait for next season.

She loves to fetch anything, anywhere. I threw a frisbee out into the wooded swampy area behind the house once and she kept trying to climb the tree where it got stuck. I was sure it had gone through and beyond. I should have known the dog was right.

Stella weighs 60 pounds. She is in good shape; muscular, not thin. She has medium long hair. Not as long as Java's (out of Brenjan Thyme and Jason) but similar.

She does not like the heat much, but she loves water.

I think she may be the smartest dog I have owned. If I have a complaint, it might be that she seems too curious about new things and can get distracted when we are working. I think that is part of being a puppy. She gets back on track with encouragement.

I have been contacted by a couple other people who were considering pups out of this genetic combination. I cannot say enough good things.

Here she is with a couple of her first mallards, at age 6 months.


Just a note on Smoke (We Have Smoke Showing) out of Sage and Jet on Sept. 30th 2009. On April 16th 2010 I was helping set up a HRC/UKC hunt test with the retriever club that I belong to. Smoke has not been swimming yet other than just jumping around in chest deep water. One of the judges was running his dog to see how the marks would fall for the next day’s test. I had Smoke sitting next to me watching. As he ran his dog on the water mark, that was about 60 yards out into the marsh, Smoke locked on the mark and watched the other dog go out to get the duck. The others said that I should send her as she looked like she wanted to go.

I told them she has not been swimming yet and I don’t think she will do it. I was in my waders so if she got into trouble I was right there. So I thought I would see if she could do it. I sent her and she jumped in and was off to the races to get to the duck before the other dog. She did not get to it but was swimming like a pro. With the mark set up we ran another one just for her. Well she jumped in and swam to the duck.

Now this is the first time that she has seen a duck and did not know what to do with it and then her instincts kicked in. She grabbed it and swam back to me and dropped it at my feet. Well needless to say I had the biggest smile on my face. I ran her at the test the next day not thinking that she will pass but I thought I would give it a try. Well she passed the test, 2 land marks and 2 water marks.

My daughter who is 10 and I have run her in 3 more hunt tests since and she passed each one. She now has a title of Started Hunting Retriever (SHR). I’ve attached a picture of her at her last hunt test for the title. My daughter ran her at 2 of the tests and I ran her at the other 2 tests. All this as I was doing obedience training and no other training.

Thanks for a great retriever.
Brian Wilker and family

Dear Dennis & Jan,

First off, I am not a professional dog trainer, I have had water dogs for 29 years, but I am an amateur trainer. I cannot take credit for the excellence of my current dog, he has made me a better person and hunter. Hunters I guides often ask me - are you going to be able to control your lab without a whistle or E collar, they are skeptical when I reply that I do not need one. After hunting with him, they are not skeptics anymore, many people have never seen a dog trained in the English way.

I bought a yellow Labrador puppy from you way back in the year 2000 (if you want to add the sire and dam here is where). I wrote you a letter that was featured on your website for a number of years when Bailey was young. I recently checked your website and found that most of your customer letters come from owners of very young gun dogs. I mean to correct that oversight, as a partner (the old saying is - you don't own you're Lab, HE owns you) of an almost 10 year old British lab, I need to set something right - older means better.

Bailey (Boo for short), has been retrieving for me and my 4 sons with an outright aplomb that has set many professional guides on their ear. From Devils Lake all the way to Bismark in North Dakota, to the plains of Missouri, the mighty Mississippi River, numerous Pheasant fields in Wisconsin and countless marshes in between, he has been the standard that has shamed all the other dog owners. Four different guides have offered to buy him from me and my reply has always been that I would rather give up hunting than sell my partner.

I have included several photos from last springs Missouri snow goose hunt. The first photo (1st day) shows Boo next to me with 75 snow and blue geese that he retrieved in 6 hours. The next photo (2nd Day) shows Boo in front of me (to sore to sit down) after retrieving another 37 snows and blues for 4 hours hunting. Needless to say that Boo slept almost the entire 12 hour trip home. There are also several photos showing Boo retrieving a live snow goose and taking a Lab nap (a cat nap would be heretical to dog owners).

The last photo shows a long weekend's result from a hunt in North Dakota - 114 ducks, 9 cranes - the cranes are not pictured as I would allow Bailey near one. The chocolate lab in the picture did not hunt, but his owner insisted on putting him in the picture.

Two years ago, my son, wife and I all drew swan permits in North Dakota. I believe that there are only 8 states that allow swan hunting in the us. After 2 days hunting for swans, my 3rd son, Sean, realized that he could call them using nothing but his mouth. Sean then called in 2 swans from over 1 mile away and they came straight into the blocks. I tumbled the 1st one and the 2nd veered off over the lake. While Boo was retrieving my swan, I heard my wife shoot. I turned to see that she had dumped the 2nd swan 90 yards out into the lake. That retrieve turned into a 140 yard jaunt (from the wind) through choppy 36° icy water. The swans were too large for a mouth retrieve, so Boo made like a tugboat and pushed the 30 pound birds with a 6' wingspan back to shore. Sean got his swan the next day. Needless to say Bailey slept through most of the 14 hour trip home.

In conclusion, over 29 years of bird hunting for ducks, geese, swan, cranes, pheasants, grouse, woodcock, shorebirds and huns, I have never had a better dog. I now have to go and work Boo, he gets 10 retrieves in the morning when its cool and 10 retrieves in the evening when its cool. Although he is slower than when he was 3 years old, I have never lost a bird when we were hunting together. I don't know how much longer we'll hunt together, but it will be an experience that I wouldn't pass up on!

Cliff Braden

This is Hunter 22 months old (Ben/?? Combo) and my son Michael after picking up 24 ducks on the MS opener this past Friday (we were part of a group). I have to admit that this dog has had limited training other than just the basics, but he really impressed me last weekend, a true testament to great genetics!!

I asked for a dog with a little more drive than my Jason/Abbey combo. As they say be careful what you asked for. I think he finally started walking back to the blind on duck number 23!!

He stays in the house, is perfect with kids and the family, but has a tremendous drive to hunt when it is time!!

Thanks for the great dog,


Dennis and Janice,

Hope all is well at the Anderson's ........... I Thought I'd share a little photo journal on "BOB'S" hunting season .......... Dennis when you told me he wouldn't leave any game in the field I figured "BOB" would be good ........ I just never imagined "How fantastic he would perform in every circumstance and I can honestly say we did not loose a bird " . He performs equally well in the Duck Blind, the Field blind for geese, the CRP and the tall corn ........ He is a hunting fool with "REAL HEART" THANKS !! again ...................... BOB is one of my very "best investments" and In addition to being a Great Hunting dog ; BOB has a calm loving spirit and has earned a special place in our family .

Stratford S.D.

Dennis and Janice,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with my Lab Bracken, he is simply the best all around dog I have ever had the pleasure to live and hunt with. When at home he is an extremely laid back (or lazy depending on how you look at it!) and loves to cuddle on the sofa with me or anyone that will have him for that matter.

However when he is hunting the uplands he is all business and is the hardest charging lab I have ever hunted over, his athleticism and sheer desire amazes me every time we are out chasing roosters. I also have included my good friends dog Brooks in the photos, she is a half sister to Bracken ( both out of Ben) and although this was one of her first hunts she is showing really good potential as well in the uplands. We hunt some fairly tuff terrain and these dogs are not in the least bit hesitant to do what they have to either flush a bird or make the retrieve.

Here is a pic from our hunt back home in western ND.

Ryan P Sullivan



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for matching our family up so perfectly with our British Black Labrador Star of Queensland. She is a wonderful dog and just like her Mother (Jet) & Father (Sage) is a sweetheart of a dog with our family.

She was incredibly easy to potty train and we had not one accident in our house. She began to go out to her kennel and take care of her business all on her own just after about one month. She is also a very smart dog in addition to her great personality. Star has excelled in obedience training and water retrieving.

Please find attached a recent picture of Star that you may use for any references in the future. Star is a perfect 55 lb. well behaved companion. We love her very much and thank you for allowing our family to have this special dog from British Labradors.


Todd R. Hanson

Hello Family and Friends,

This past weekend was the annual Hastings Rivertown Days and what a great turn out we had. My British Labrador Murphy had a GREAT Rivertown Days dockdogs event. He took 1st place in the Senior Division (Senior = distance not age), jumping his personal best of 20.6'--YAHOO, that dog has got wings! He finished 2nd in the speed retrieve with a personal best time of 6.35 seconds. Murphy and I really would like to say thank you to everyone that supported us. We truly appreciate all the cheers.

Troy Weathers
Mortgage Banker
North American Banking Company


I'm due to write you another customer letter with picture. We've had a busy summer.

Health: Excellent health

Trainability.....well, at the present time, Max has 16 AKC/UKC retriever hunt test ribbons. He has an AKC Junior Hunt Test title. His pass/run ratio was 4 passes:6 runs. Max has two Senior Hunt Test passes (a title requires 4 passes). His pass/run ratio is 2:4. Steve and Max are still learning about water blind casting. We hope to title him in AKC Seniors this season. Max has two passes in UKC/HRC Started. His ratio was 2:2. We chose to move him into Seasoned after he titled in the UKC/HRC Upland retriever tests this winter. His Upland pass/run ratio was 6:6. Max earned two passes in Seasoned this past weekend. His Seasoned pass/run ratio is 2:2.

So, we can definitely say that his trainability is excellent as is his huntability. The nose is still excellent, his "blind" work is very good (and Steve and Max are still learning to cast, and receive casts) as is his marking skill. In virtually every hunt test, there is at least one judge that remarks about his line manners, his marking ability, his steadiness, his drive and focus, and his handsomeness. Steve often hears the comment "No dog has performed better". This is one gorgeous dog....he has the drive and attitude of Ben, and the beauty of Bonnie.

We practice at Kelley Farms almost every Wednesday. If you want to see Max in action, give us a call and we'd love to show him off to you.

Attached are recent photos of Max and his ribbons, and a picture of Steve and Max in a field at an Iron Range hunt test in Virginia, MN. The third picture if just for you to see how Max leaves the line....with drive and intensity. Look at the muscles and push off!

Steve and Pam Nelson
UH Maximus Sentry of Stillwater JH

I decided to try a lab from your kennel after hearing that they were, in effect, two speed dogs. the thought of a calm quiet pet that could turn it on in an instant to chase down a crippled diver in icy current was intriguing. I got just what i'd heard about. Coot is the calmest, quietest, most disciplined dog i've owned, and has the strongest drive to hunt. He's a great upland dog, but is at his best while waiting calmly in a boat blind for divers in northern minnesota, a layout blind in canada for snows, or a tree stand in arkansas for flooded timber mallards.

Coot is not only the best retriever i've trained and owned, but also a close and beloved member of my family. i can assure you and dennis that i'm not exaggerating in the slightest. he really is the whole package and i have many friends, both hunters and non-hunters, who marvel at his behavior and his ability. i've attached one more photo that is a really good one.

michel wetze

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great dog! Today Maple turns 1 and we could not have asked for a better dog. I'm sure you get these letters all the time, but I can't imagine a day without her. She follows me everywhere! Here are a few photos of the last few months.

Thank you,
Jon Fibeger

Dear Friends and Family,

My pal Duke took his final ride to the vet earlier today. He put up a good fight, but Lyme-related kidney failure is a stubborn enemy, and it won in the end. I am grateful for the wonderful care Duke received at the University of Minnesota and at my local vet, Weckwerth Animal Hospital. Duke was a great dog and I will miss him terribly; but I have ordered another Anderson Lab, and am hoping for an early arrival. He/she can't get here soon enough!

For those of you in deer tick country, watch your dogs closely. If they show signs of lameness or any odd behavior, have them checked for Lyme disease. The vet community has mixed opinions on current Lyme vaccines. I have been told that a good quality tick collar, in addition to Frontline, is a good idea.

Thanks for all of your kind words and support over the last three months. They have helped more than you know.


P.S.: I have it on good authority that Duke, Wigeon, Lena and Bro are already hunting together in Doggie Heaven. I hope somebody up there can shoot better than me!

Hey Jan-

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Lucy’s first night in her new home and that she is doing amazingly well. She was great last night and slept well in her crate. The only time she whimpered at all was when she had to go outside and we have not had any accidents!! After going out and doing her business, she went right back in to her crate and back to sleep. She is also getting used to her new surroundings and our other lab Reese.

Reese has already put her in her place a couple of time and is doing a good job of establishing her boundaries. They are really getting along well. In terms of eating/drinking, she was a little hesitant last night but had a great breakfast this morning after going outside.

In general she is very calm and has a very gentle and sweet disposition. She also has a bit of goofiness in her as well when she plays. It very much reminds us of the Willett’s Leroy.

As of right now, she just wrapped up a bit of playing/exploring. She walked right over to her bed, nestled in with her blanket from you and is now taking a nap. (see attached)

Thanks again, Jan.
Jeff and Vicki

Dear Jan

I just wanted to let you know how happy our family is with Maggie, out of Brook and Indie fall 2006. With this being my first time training, it has been a real pleasure. Using your training methods as well as going to obedience classes that you recommended I am pleased at how she has progressed her first two years.

This fall has been her first full time hunting season. Every time out she is gaining more experience and continues to impress me. I know training is a big part of the success but she has so much natural ability, such as quartering in front of everyone in the group and never gets to far ahead. She also has recovered birds in thick cattails that we never would have found. I have started her on handling and she is doing very well with hand signals in the field.

I've attached a picture of her after a hunt on her second birthday. Once again thank you for producing such a intelligent and trainable pup.

Greg Doeden

Hi Jan and Dennis,

With opening waterfowl and opening pheasant season behind us I just had to write to you and say Thank You again for Scout. She is a female from your '07 Ben and Bonnie litter. I've followed your training schedule from the day I brought her home from your house and couldn't be happier. I looked at professional trainers but my 5 year old daughter did not want "her" dog to leave the house for weeks at a time.

I took her hunting for the first time on the waterfowl opener and she was pretty comfortable in the boat. I was concerned she'd jump at the shot and fall of the ducks so I took some precautions and put a leash on her. Not that she does in training but with the real thing I didn't want to take any chances. She didn't budge all day long, by the end of the day and all day Sunday she was rock solid without the leash. I'd love to say her first retrieve was flawless but it wasn't, she took a decoy instead of the blue wing, a proud moment for sure but hey I trained her so what can you expect. I corrected that and she got the duck and didn't touch a decoy the rest of the weekend. With myself and another friend she was able to retrieve about 12 ducks for the weekend. A good start for a dog her age and trained by a first time dog owner. Hunting in southern MN wasn't bad either, probably the best we've had in several years.

Opening pheasant hunting as you know was hot so I was concerned about taking her. I wasn't able to make Saturday so we went for the last two hours on Sunday. I live in Savage, MN and the closest WMA is 30 mins away. Our first location didn't produce even a hen so we moved to another WMA that had some corn next to it and believe it or not no one else was there. I wanted her to cool off so we worked towards the pond for a swim. My plan was to be by the corn for the last 30 mins. It paid off, we flushed a rooster after a water break. She didn't flush the bird but she found it buried in the slough grass. Our second bird she actually got the scent and appeared to flush. My shot wasn't exactly dead on and the bird fell over a small hill about 30 yards away. When we got up there she took off over another hill. She was pretty excited so I thought she was chasing another bird.

I called her back and wanted her to work the area I thought the bird was in, she took off again so I let her go thinking I have some training work to do. A couple minutes later she brings the rooster back. I couldn't believe it! From now on I'll be trusting the dog, her instincts are way better than my training.

Of course I'll continue to training her, I'd like to get some hand signals to get her going in the right direction for ducks down on the water. I'm sure there will be other things that come up this fall as we continue to hunt together but for now I'm enjoying the moment. Everything you've said about your dogs has been true, my wife keeps reminding me Jan knows her dogs and she said....! Keep up the great work with your British Labs and Dennis it's pretty neat to hear your stories with Ben, Sage and your kids. Take care and good luck this fall hunting.

Craig Willmert
Savage, MN

Jan -

Thought you might like to see a recent photo of Huck (out of Indie and Brook, born 11/08/2007.) He's doing great and retrieves like a dream. Learning hand signals now. His first hunting seson will be in October when Thomas takes him to South Dakota.

Hope things are going well. We are so happy we found you and Huck!

Louise & Thomas Block
Twin Bridges, Montana

July 8, 2008

Dennis and Janice,

21-month-old Max (Bonnie and Ben 10/30/06) has surpassed our expectations. We set out to find a quality huntiing dog that was adaptable to sharing time at our son's condo, our home, the cabin, camping, and traveling for extended periods in a kennel. No problem! The first night (7 weeks old), Max slept in his new kennel, never whined or barked, and woke us only three times to relieve himself ourdoors. He loves his kennel and Kuranda bed also. House and obedience traning has been effective, thanks to your British Retriever website--excellent return on investment.

We are still in awe of Max's personality and traits. When it's hunting business, he is patient and obedient, clearly driven, marks exceptionally well, and is becoming steadier at the line. He appears keenly aware of scents and his soft mouth returns table-ready birds. In his first hunting season, Mac retrieved grouse, pheasant, and ducks. Several avid hunters have invited Max to hunt next season. We are just not quite certain whether we have been invited along or just Max! What a compliment to the dog's abilities.

When Max is "off the clock" and just being a family companion, he is respectful, calm obedient, patient, yet entertainingly "puppy playful". His facial expressions are priceless; his eyes melt away any tension we bring home from work. He eats quickly and neatly, does not drool, and curls up next to the fire, at our feet, or in his kennel. Mac does not bark. At the sound of the morning alarm, he greets us with a sock, ball, or other object in his mouth, tail wagging, and ready to please. When exercising Max, other dog owners comment on his lustrous coat, beatiful features, attentiveness, calmnet, size, and overall obedience.

At the top of this letter is an InStudio montage of Max at 10 weeks, six months, and a year. We thought you might enjoy the age progression. As always, feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks for your dedication to careful breeding and continued involvement in canine research.

Warm regards,

Steve, Pam and Erik Nelson,

Maximus (Max) Sentry of Stillwater

Mohtomedi, Miinnesota

Dennis and Jan,

I thought I would drop you a note and give you a quick update on "Sir LeRoy of Leadburn". LeRoy was whelped June 13th of last year out of Apache and Haggisbank Jet.

At his one year check up LeRoy was 58lbs, very athletic build on the slighter side. My vet seems to think he is done growing and might fill out a little more. I have not had him neutered yet waiting until he is done filling out. He is the perfect size for us. My vet, Fran Smith, asked me where I got him as she was impressed with his disposition as he sat calmly at heal in her office. He is very athletic; meaning extremely fast and can jump like no lab I have ever seen. The best way to describe his personality would be "Goofy", everything is fun for LeRoy and everyone and everything is LeRoy's buddy. He is a very happy and good boy and has become a very important part of the Willett clan. As you might remember we have nine and four year old girls and a boy that is now 10 months and LeRoy gets along great with all of them. LeRoy is a house dog when we are home and he has been a very good house dog as well.

On the training/hunting front:

I purchased and followed your on-line training from the internet and as much as it pained me not to start throwing bumpers right away I was able to resist. I trained my last lab using Mike Lardy system which is a very aggressive American Field Trial technique which worked very well for me taking my lab through his master hunter certification. I am not planning on field trialing LeRoy and want an awesome family/hunting dog and the British way makes a lot of sense to me. LeRoy's obedience training came very easy as he was a very quick learner and eager to please. I did no formal retrieving or bird introduction and with great angst sent him to Carey at Grouse Point for intro to gun and bird. Carey had him for a month and LeRoy did an outstanding job taking to the training and bird work like a champ. LeRoy is very birdie and eager to please in the field.

When I got LeRoy back I took him out and shot chukars and pheasants over him. field work was outstanding and found all birds and delivered all to hand.

LeRoy is back at Grouse Point now working on some water work and early handling drills and the reports back from Carey are very positive and I am looking forward to a very fun fall.

I have attached some pictures for you to review. We spent the July 4th weekend out in Bozeman with my family and I saw Nacho, out of Red Lucy and Brooke I think. He is my little brother's dog you sold him about 6 months ago and he is doing great as well. I have also hunted over Belle, Darin Millar's pup and she is doing great. We will have 3 Anderson British Labs this year hunting and I will let you know how everyone is doing.

Thanks for the wonderful dog,
The Willetts, Jeff, Gigi, Lily, Ruby, Henry, and Maxwell


I enjoyed talking with you yesterday.

As I explained my dog "Sir Winston of Bowie", offspring in 1999 from Ras's Lucky Penny and Elmbrook Lancer of Tweedshot was the best hunting and family dog I've had. I shot many ducks, geese, doves, woodcock, ruffed grouse, pheasants, sharptails, and Huns over him during our 8 years together. Just too bad that he died last October of Kidney problems stemming from Rocky Mt. Sported fever. I thought I'd send you this photo taken following his AKC Senior Hunter title.


Jerry Serie

Dennis and Janice,

Thought you might enjoy these pics of Maisy (out of Broadlaw Griffin and Tintoview Fay April 2003).

Maisy has been a great dog in the field and at home. She is a great pheasant dog and gentle as a lamb with the little ones.

These pictures are from a pheasant hunt in South Dakota last November and a Christmas card we did with my son.

Best Regards,

Thomas M. FitzGerald
Carbonair Environmental Systems, Inc.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428


Dear Jan and Dennis,

I am forwarding some recent photos of our beloved Lucy (Bonnie & Ben, 10/30/06). We could not be more pleased!! She is exactly as your website says! She is excellent with the kids, very trainable, calm, and very easy to have around the house. She accompanies me on many of my marathon training runs. She insists, actually. Not to worry as I only take her on shorter (40 minutes or so) runs. Lucy adores our swimming pool year round. It is hard to keep her away from the water!

We are so pleased that I am mailing a deposit today for a puppy!! Thank you for your care and dedication to a quality breeding program. We look forward to welcoming another wonderful dog in to our family!!

Betsy Welp

To Dennis Anderson;

I have recently put a deposit for a puppy for one of your 2008 breedings and I am looking forward to it. But the reason I'm corresponding is to comment on your online training lessons which I have subscribed to, particularly the intro and first 6 lessons.

I have owned and trained Labradors since 1971. First and foremost I'm a hunter. I hunt with my dogs from mid-September to the end of Waterfowl season in mid January. Years ago I started running hunt tests and then I got into running and judging field trials. Over the years I have seen many changes in the trials and the dogs, most of it not good.

I agree with almost everything you wrote in those chapters. The breeding and the methods of training of American trial dogs has tunnel vision. There is one goal in mind and other things are ignored.

I was fortunate to have success competing but some of those dogs took a lot of work. I am going back to the reason I have always has Labs for, to hunt. My training methods will change. I will put the e-collar away. I will not start the dog on things at the age I started before.

I have found your training lessons to be a good wake up call.

Your online training lessons are a wonderful source,

Thank you,
Joe Braverman
Bozeman, Montana


Hi Jan and Denny,

I thought I'd drop a note regarding my favorite red dog.   I've had Poppy for 2 years and 2 full hunting seasons now and I couldn't be happier with her as a hunting partner and house mate.  She is the first finished dog I've bought and it was a very cool experience to go into the field for the first time with a new dog that knew more about hunting than I did.  Our adjustment period lasted until I dropped the first duck for her.  After that we've been totally in sync.

Our first trip this year was for the duck opener in North Dakota.  We shot a lot of mallards and redheads and Poppy performed very well.  We jump potholes up there so there's quite a variety of work for her, some dry land retrieves, plenty of open water work and lots of birds in the cattails.  She's very attentive and persistent and takes direction well both in the water and on land.  In the cattails she's pretty much left to her own devices since I can't see her but with a decent mark to start with, she's been very successful.  Our group has 3 good dogs on that trip and we don't leave many birds behind.

The pheasant opener in South Dakota was also good this year.  It's a big gang in the corn for that hunt and there is a lot of work for her.  It gets a bit confusing out there with all those guys and dogs but she has a lot more patience than I do.  A couple of times a day she'll come to me out of the corn with a bird that I didn't shoot and others are still looking for.  She has reputation for finding birds with that crowd.  That trip is hard on the dogs with all the barb wire and heavy cover but Pop's size and brains really serve us well.  She's smart about the wire and I think her smaller size keeps her below a lot of the wear and tear from the corn and weeds.

She's a great companion and I think I'm starting to come up to her standards.

Thanks again for putting me with Poppy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



  I wanted to thank you for your honesty, knowledge, and concern during the process of purchasing Duke, an imported trained British Labrador. He is everything you said he was and more! We've hunted more this year than the last year, killing nearly 300 ducks. He's had a tremendous year. He's done something to impress me nearly every time I've taken him out, from retrieving two duck at a time to diving underwater to find them. He also has an incredible nose! Never seen a dog that could sit still as a mouse even on a slow day, just scoping the skies, most of the time he would see the ducks before me. I never forget what you told me in a letter when I picked up Duke at the airport, "Make sure you wait for Duke, don't make him wait for you!" I've got a cessna 206 that I picked him up from the airport in and you would have thought he's been riding in small planes his whole life, no problems whatsoever. The best decision I ever made was buying from you, I'm very satisfied.

Rial Taylor

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Subject: Fw: BritishLabrador.com Reference
Hi, Scott,
I will apologize right from the start that I expect this reference to get long winded and personal.  Asking me about Wrigley is almost the same as asking me about one of our sons or my hometown or to share a childhood memory.  I could go on......

We got our Wrigley Labor Day Weekend 2011 at about 6-7 weeks of age.  She will be 3 years old this July.
She has been an absolute blessing to our family on so many different levels it will hard to encapsulate them all in a simple email.
Jan and Dennis have been great!  I had some business in Minneapolis and was even able to stop in and see their facility and meet both of them prior to getting Wrigley. (They are about an hour from the MSP airport) .
We had labs before and even with our fondness of them, Wrigley has easily supplanted them as our favorite.  She sits now sleeping in the sun on a rug watching me type on this Sat morning.

Her demeanor is exactly as Jan describes.  She is by far the most intelligent dog I have ever worked with and has always seemed "wise beyond her years'.
We have 2 boys (now aged 11 and 7.5)  and she grew up with them and they her.
She has never been anything but phenomenal with them since day one.  We never worry about her with guests or other children, She does like to let people know this is 'OUR House', but as they are welcomed, she settles right in.
We take her with us wherever we can and as of late have even found us choosing destinations based on their 'dog' and 'pet' policies.
We have been stopped by people everywhere we take her and get asked about her.  She is a BEAUTIFUL dog (She is darker yellow, not quite Red and weighs about 55-58 pounds)  The yellow on the cover of the latest issue of Shooting Sportsman could be her.  The likeness is almost uncanny...
From a personality perspective, each dog is unique, but based on the same interviews I did when we were searching and now that I have one of their dogs, I have to say there is 'something in the water' that Jan and Dennis have made work.
She is the daughter of Brooke and Scout of Minstead, I believe they are on their website.  We have a lot of fun sharing her story with folks and when they ask what makes her a British Lab, we always say; "She barks with an British accent and is the most polite dog in the room."  The first is humor, but the second point is spot-on.  As mentioned, her demeanor is almost unbelievable for a 3 year old lab.  She is calm and easily sits at my side on command.  Don't get me wrong, she is a lab and she is 3, but compared to other Labs, she is not even close to  the whacko lab that needs a jump harness, a choker collar and an E-collar to control.

She is a family dog first, but she does use me for Upland hunting; Pheasants, Chukars, etc.  As a matter of fact, I am taking her out for the last hunt of the season this coming Tuesday with my eldest son.

We live in Royal Oak, so we do have to drive a ways to get to hunting grounds.  We also belong The Huntsman in Dryden, MI.  An Upland hunting club, that also trains dogs.
We knew we wanted to have her professionally field trained, so we took her through the usual puppy school, in particular to show the boys what training was supposed to look like and also to orient her to the basics.  My wife and I also had her leash trained, potty trained (in less than 10 days from when she got here she was PERFECT!!!) and she would come when called (pretty much, she was a puppy so it wasn't perfect, but she knew what was going on.)  She now responds to her whistle and (when I use it correctly!) comes and sits and even checks with me on her quarter based on the tweet she gets.

When she was just about a year old, she went through a month of professional field training.  She floored the trainers at our club.  As they put it, she never blinked once at a gun shot, took to birds in her mouth instantly and brought everything back almost to hand.  As her handler put it, I didn't really have to train her, she just needed to know how to be steered.  Right now, today, she most certainly isn't going to win any field trial championships, but it isn't because she couldn't, it is because I just can't work with her and get her in the field the necessary amount of time required for such an endeavor.  However, she goes from Field to Hearth without missing a beat and again her personality in the field is a joy to watch.

I certainly can't make any absolute guarantees, dogs are individual beings and each one has its own personality, but I will say you are hedging the bets way far in your favor to get an exceptional dog by getting one from Jan and Dennis.  I doubt you will be anything but elated with one of their dogs.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions, again, I can go on and on about Wrigley and how she is, so block off a good 30 minutes or so.... :)

Attached: Her Father, her mother, a shot of her the day we brought her home, her bringing me a chukar and resting after a hunt.

Best of luck to you,
Mike Maceroni

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