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2017 Breedings/Litters

BritishLabradors.com is pleased to announce the following breedings we believe will produce outstanding British-bred Labradors in the year 2017. Click on the link next to the dam or sires name to go to the Sires or Dams Photos and Pedigrees pages to view pictures and pedigrees. This is a tentative and incomplete breeding list. More breedings will be added throughout the year as we purchase and import stock or younger females come of breeding age. Some breeding combinations of sires and dams may change given the outcome of yellows and blacks from the early litters. We may also move breedings to the next heat cycle (6 months later) to avoid producing too many litters at once. In addition, since all of our females are hunting dogs, we may avoid breeding them in July and August so that they are not nursing pups during the fall hunting season. Since females can come into heat +/- a full month from their expected heat cycle all the estimated whelping dates listed could be as much as +/- a month. When a female actually comes into heat, then we update the breeding list to reflect the actual expected whelping date.

Puppy Availability: We currently have a number of reservations. Conservatively a new reservation placed now will most likely result in a pup from an mid to late 2019 litter (~2 year wait). That availability estimate for a new reservation could change given the following factors which will determine the waiting time for a pup: 1) size of litters whelped. We could get litter sizes of 9–12 pups versus 4-8 pups, 2) some people who are ahead of you on a list might pass on some litters, moving your name up, 3) many names are duplicated on multiple lists for first, second, third and forth choices of sex and color. Their names are removed from all of the lists when they receive a puppy, 4) people reserve their puppies for the following year(s), 5) people postpone puppy deliveries for a variety of reasons, most often personal, such as waiting for an older dog to die, summer vacations, vacation schedule, family moves or house-building projects that are behind schedule, 6) we have found in the past that litters born between November and February, during the winter, are usually placed with folks further down in the reservation lists as a result of the folks at the top of the lists deciding to wait for a puppy until spring or summer and, 7) we continue to import breeding females during the year to replace females that retire (Note: our females retire quickly from the breeding program as we only produce two litters from each female). Hope this dispels the thought that you’ll have to wait forever for a puppy. Your deposit is refundable under all conditions and we are happy to return your deposit if we cannot produce a puppy in a time-frame suitable to you.

If you’re wondering why you have to wait for a BritishLabradors.com puppy while our competitors have puppies on the ground, sometimes 8+ weeks of age, available, just ask someone from among our database of over 2500+ satisfied customers why BritishLabradors.com produces the best British Labradors in the business. References from your city or state available upon request.

Note: Due to the number of litters expected in 2017, Whitney Miller of River Stone Kennels will be apprenticing Janice with all whelping of litters and will be raising some of the litters at the River Stone Kennels new nursery facility. Whitney has been Janice's co-midwife for a number of years and has raised pups for us in 2016. Janice will be working closely with Whitney and out of both puppy nursery facilities. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for video of current litters. Videos are published of each litter at birth and every week until 7 weeks of age.

Maggie Mae The Dreamer (a.k.a. Millie) (BF - see photo/pedigree)
x Jason's Grizzly Bear of Queensland (BM - see photo/pedigree)
Whelp Date:  January 17, 2017
6 Puppies: 3 Black Males and 3 Black Females
Status: All Puppies Sold!
Newborn Video
1-week-old Video
2-week-old Video
3-week-old Video
4-week-old Video
5-week-old video
6-8week-old Video

Rosey of Queensland (YFsee photo/pedigree
x Reynold of Queensland (a.k.a.Rennie) (YM- see photo/pedigree )
Whelp Date: Sunday January 22, 2017
6 Puppies: 4 Yellow Males and 2 Yellow Females
Status: Status: All Puppies Sold!
Newborn Video
1-week-old Video
2-week-old Video
4-week-old Video
5-week-old Video
6-week-old Video

Queensland's Lady Brynn (BF - see photo/pedigree) 
x Jason's Grizzly Bear of Queensland (BM - see photo/pedigree)
Whelp Date: Wednesday January 25, 2017
7 Puppies: 4 Yellow Females, 1 Yellow Males, 1 Black Male, and 1 Black Female
Newborn Video
1-week-old Video
2-week-old Video
Unfortunately ten days postpartum Brynn had mastitis and we weaned her from her pups to aid in her recovery. Fortunately, we have two other lactating females with pups of similar age, Millie and Rosey, who were were happy to be nursemaids to Brynn's pups and add a few more members to their families at the dinner table. Brynn's black male and black female joined Millie's litter and Bynn's four yellow females and 1 yellow male joined Rosey's litter. Everyone including Brynn are doing well. Millie and Rosey deserve "Mom of The Year" awards.
1.5-week-old Video
2-week-old Video and more-2-week-old Video
3-week-old Video
4-week-old Video
5-week-old Video
Status: All puppies sold!

Queenslands Bristol Irish Creme (a.k.a. Bristol) (YF- see photo/pedigree)
x Minstead Delvin (a.k.a. Del) (BM)

Whelp Date: May 14, 2017
10 Puppies: 5 Black Females, 3 Black Males, 2 Yellow Males
Newborn Video
1-week-old Video
2-week-old Video
Status: All Puppies Sold!

Moose Mountain Rugby of 
Queensland (a.k.a Rugby) (YF - see photo/pedigree)  
FTW Hardill Roger of Artistryn (a.k.a. Mick) (YM see photo/pedigree)
Whelp Date: Saturday June 3, 2017
11 Puppies: 3 Yellow Females and 8 Yellow Males.
Newborn Video
1-week-old Video
Status: Have begun placing pups from reservation list.

Killen's Duchess of Holly Spring Brook Belle (YF - see photo/pedigree)
X Minstead Delvin (a.k.a. Del) (BM - see photo/pedigree)
Whelp Date:  Friday June 9, 2017
8 Puppies: 4 Black Males, 1 Black Female, 2 Yellow Females, and 1 Yellow Male
Newborn Video
Status: All Puppies Sold!

Lady Bella of Queensland (a.k.a. Bella) (BF - see photo/pedigree)
x Minstead Delvin (a.k.a. Del) (BM - see photo/pedigree)
Whelp Date: Tuesday June 13, 2017
9 Puppies: 4 Black Males, 2 Black Females, 2 Yellow Females, and 1 Yellow Male
Status: Have begun placing pups from reservation list.

Miss Ruby of Queensland (Fox Red YF -see photo/pedigree
x Ragweed's Hazard of Craighorn (a.k.a. Duke)(BM - 
see photo/pedigree)
Litter may consist of both black pups and yellow pups.
Whelp Date: Tuesday June 27, 2017
4 Puppies: 3 Black Females and 1 Black Male
Status: All Puppies Sold!

Queensland Sam (YF - see photo/pedigree)
x Minstead Delvin (a.k.a. Del) (BM - see photo/pedigree)
Litter may consist of both black pups and yellow pups.
Whelp Date: Thursday June 29, 2017
9 Puppies: 5 Yellow Males, 3 Black Females, and 1 Black Male
Status: Have begun placing pups from reservation list.

Roma Red of Queensland (a.k.a. Roma) (Fox Red YF - see photo/pedigree )
Kirkford Kelvin (a.k.a. Jet) (BM)
Estimated Whelp Date: September  2017
Puppies will be black or yellow. 
Status: In heat.

Miss Avey Avon of Queensland 
(BF - see photo/pedigree) 
x Stockiemuir Ben (BM)
Litter will be all black!
Estimated Whelp Date: November 2017

Roxanne of Queensland (YF) x Sire TBD
Estimated Whelp Date: December 2017

For females not bred yet, “Estimated Whelp Date” indicates an estimated date that the female will whelp her puppies based on the approximate date we expect her to come into heat. Please keep in mind that females do not always cycle on a regular basis. These anticipated dates are hopeful estimates. For females that have been bred, “Expected Whelp Date” is based on the typical gestation of 58 days from her first day bred. Average gestation is 58-63 days so the date may vary by 5 or more days. Pregnancies are confirmed around 35 days of gestation.

TBD means To Be Determined. We will decide whom to mate the bitch to giving consideration to the following:

1. available BritishLabradors.com sires, which we are continually importing new stock.
2. previous matings who have proven to be excellent combinations in their offspring.
3. DNA testing for identity of genetic recessive carriers of abnormalities such as Labrador Myopathy (CNM), Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Retinal Dysplasia and Oculoskeletal Dysplasia (RD/OSD), and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK) and Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (Dwarfism SD2), 
4. outcome for temperament, physical conformation, intelligence, instinctual hunting ability.

Please note: All of our puppies are sold AKC Limited Registration only. The dog is registered with the American Kennel Club with the restriction that you cannot register that dog's offspring with the AKC. This means you cannot breed your dog. We do this to protect our British bloodlines and our breeding business. Also it discourages the indiscriminate backyard breeder.

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